This chic ‘No Pants Look’ is the Most Unexpected Winter Trend

It’s a story as old as time. One celebrity goes on errands wearing a unique outfit and gets into an unexpected encounter with the paparazzi. The viral photos of the company become an internet sensation, and fashion experts debate whether it will become a trend. A few Instagram influencers take a look and post it on Instagram. Kendall Jenner is the star, rocking the new trend of wearing sheer tights with a bodysuit. But here’s the catch: The catch? You aren’t adding skirts, dresses, or shorts to the socks. Your nylon-covered legs are the main focus. The sheer tights trend may seem intimidating to some, but any movement that requires you to wear no pants is pure genius.

This look can be worn out in public, so you might wonder how it is possible. It’s elementary, according to Kendall Jenner. A long-sleeved bodysuit is a good choice (I like ones with a turtleneck), as is a pair of black heels and an oversized jacket. Finally, strategically choose a pair of tights.

This look is as much about the tights that you choose. While a sheer pair is preferred, you can choose opaque, patterned, or fishnet tights. Socks mustn’t have visible seams. You want them to be sheer up to the knees and won’t rip easily.

This trend is best achieved by purchasing tights from Hedoine, a sustainable brand. They are made of biodegradable material, so they don’t rip easily and won’t require you to buy new pairs often. They have a sleek, high-waisted design and are seamless. Choose The Bold tights for an opaque look. These tights will give you more coverage and warmth than a sheer pair and can be worn under any dress or skirt this winter.

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