These Slimming Skims Are $10 Less & They ‘Don’t Ride Up

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Sometimes, you may want to wear something under dresses or formal wear that doesn’t fall entirely into the formalwear category. It still provides some security. Although I don’t want to cover my entire thigh area or pull it in, I would like protection so I can dance at weddings without worrying about my sweaty, chaffing legs. It’s why undershorts such as Bloomers’ Lace Slip Shorts can be so helpful.

These shorts are seamless to wear with almost any outfit, thanks to a few subtle details. These shorts are unlike other undershorts, which cut into your legs no matter how hard you try, but they have a scalloped edge that blends seamlessly into whatever you’re wearing. These shorts have full coverage of the thighs, so you don’t have to worry about falling at night. People who have used these undies are most happy that they don’t ride up.

Similar pairs are available at Skims and cost about $10 more. These are great places to start if your interest is in shapewear but not too shapewear. The shorts are long enough to reach your belly button. They’re also smooth without being restrictive because they’re made from stretch lace.

These shorts are available in four colors: Black, Chocolate Latte, Rose Quartz, and Latte. You can also find each pair in sizes XS to XXL. One reviewer said, “Love these shorts!” They don’t ride up on your thighs, which is a great thing.

Another person loved the new design. These were pettipants in the old days. These are silkier and sexier than what I can remember. They look great under skirts, dresses, or pants,” they wrote. “They fit perfectly and make you feel confident and happy.”

These shorts are machine washable, which is the best thing about them. These shorts come with a mesh bag you can use to wash them. This will prevent you from worrying about any tears or mishaps in the washer. Another reviewer said that they loved their Panytloons. They fit perfectly under my slip skirt and had no noticeable panty lines. They also did not ride up. I felt confident and at ease which is very important to me. I love that each pair comes with a laundry bag to be machine-washed easily.

What are you waiting for?! Get a pair or three of the Pantyloon Lace Shorts starting at $45 per piece.

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