My Gen Z Boyfriend Styled Me & Wow!

My boyfriend (23 years old) and I (28 years old) often see eye-to-eye despite the distance of 3,000 miles between New York City and Los Angeles. However, we can disagree about outfits. It is painfully evident that we are approaching a night out when the generation gap is only a few years. I lean towards microminis and slinky Y2K sundresses for him. While I cannot seem to part with my oversized blazer look, he does.

My boyfriend (Let’s call him Z) is an East Coast boy with an acute sense of style. He describes himself as “functionally sleek, classic; evergreen, with a slight edge.”

I am a New Yorker and just moved to Los Angeles. Both sides of the Atlantic influence my style. I strive for street-style chic with a touch of glamour (I am known for wearing a white tank with snakeskin boots), but I don’t mind experimenting with a few colors or trying a new trend.

I let him dress me up for an R&B concert at Webster Hall on Memorial Day weekend to see what he had in store. I am open to refashioning my style post-pandemic in my new west coast home. I also figured that if he picked an outfit I didn’t like, I could veto it. Z is an entertainment media professional who plays in a Brooklyn rock band. I was eager to hear his opinions on how my concert should look.

What my Boyfriend Decided

Z offers a disclaimer before we dive in: “I want you to start by saying that I think you look great in any clothing, period.” Z suggests a crop top that exposes a lot of skin. He says that Tyler the Creator doesn’t want to see you in this, but concerts are packed and hot. Therefore, you should wear as much as possible while still looking stylish.

Z picked black leather shorts to match the lighter crop top. These are functional and durable. They keep your skin cool and allow you to breathe. Leather can also quickly absorb the smell of rum or coke if it spills on me.

To complete the look, Z wore chunky black heels. He says, “You’re at a concert to be seen and not to have your face shown; the skirt and top will do that.” It’s a chunky shoe that will give you a little more height to see the crowd. However, it’s still flat enough to allow for dancing for three hours. He added a slim choker to complement the leather skirt. small fanny pack is the bag of choice for my phone, wallet, and keys. He joked that you don’t need pockets, so you need a small fanny pack.

What I would have chosen

I love lingerie-inspired tops. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bra or a corset cami. This is a significant trend to try this summer. It looks fantastic with the right bottoms. As a top, I would choose a lacy black bra. It provides comfort and sex appeal. Optional: Larger blazer.

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