Joe Burrow Fashion: The Most Trendy Ohioan Alive

Ohio is known for many incredible things. Skyline Chili (I will not listen to anyone criticizing this bolognese-adjacent delicacy), fields of six-foot-tall cement corn art (shoutout to my hometown), and Ohio State University’s football teams (you may have heard of THE Ohio State University). Another thing to know about the state you should not fly over is its ability to produce fashion icons. LeBron James. Kid Cudi. Sarah Jessica Parker. This list could go on. Joe Shiesty, a new Ohioan, is now the most fashionable.

I’ll introduce you to my new crush if you haven’t heard of him yet. Burrow is his last name, and he’s also the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals. But I’m not here for football. Although I’m an Ohioan, it is not my intention to talk about football. I did cry watching the Chiefs win last night and clinch their place in the Super Bowl on February 13. Because that sh*t is icy, I’m here to discuss his pre- and post-game manner.

Mr. Brrrrow has been repeatedly in the news this year for his leaks which he wholeheartedly deserves to be called such.

Ohio’s Most Beloved has proven that not all fashionable men in sportswear basketball. He showed up at press conferences wearing tiny translucent sunglasses and gave us J. Is that early 2000s music video energy? Reporters stopped asking questions about sports and asked about the sunnies. Mr. Burrow’s response?

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