Each Look What Our Fashion Team Wore Fashion Week

Our story begins on a sunny spring day. Our story begins on a grey morning with light snowfall. It would help if you changed that. It’s blinding sunshine and icy wind! You are invited to dress for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022. StyleCaster’s fashion writer, I am glad you can join me on this week-long clothing adventure for any weather. We hope you find our fashion style a good fit for your needs.

About a month ago, I began planning my fashion week looks. After checking the weather forecast, I replanned each look the morning of the shows. Although I found it frustrating initially, I eventually had more fun with my eyes. I couldn’t help but experiment. I was thrilled to meet Bella, style casters Fashion Editor, throughout the week.

Although Bella’s and my style preferences differ, we love a good suit set, minimal textures, and a splash of color. Bella is so versatile. One day she was wearing a white suit, and the next, she was wearing a bright balaclava and a neon dress. I used a similar pattern, from futuristic Balenciaga jackets to high-collar vintage and ruffles.

Even with the poor weather, I was grateful for the week of runway fashion inspiration. It reminded me that just stepping outside is enough to wear a dress, but I will limit my outfit-repeating to allow my wallet some much-deserved time off.

Inspiration: When this jacket caught my eye, I knew that I had to make an outfit around it. Although I was initially drawn to a sporty look (hence my biking glasses), I liked the formal contrast of the striped dress. The fringe bag was an addition I made last minute, and I love how it unexpectedly enhances the look.

The Inspiration I wanted to experiment with saturated brights and to try my hand at orange, which seems to have the potential to become the next It Colour.

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