Western Fashion Trends Are Coming To Take Over Your Summer

Visions of palm trees, desert horizons, and Ferris wheels come to mind when you think about So-Cal music festivals. Fashion and music lovers travel to Indio, California, three weekends in succession, dressed in festival gear and pre-selected Instagram filters. The Coachella weekend is reserved for the first two weekends, but the third weekend is when […]

These Paris Street Style Looks are Fashion Month’s Piece De Resistance

The hit musical RENT breaks down the number of minutes in a year. Street style roundups then determine how many outfits make up a fashion month. After weeks of colorful and Milan filled with moody trench coats, Parisian street fashion finally takes center stage. Each city contributed its style to Fashion Month’s street style roundups. However, Paris was the […]

The Best Valentine’s Day Wear for Turning Heads and Breaking Hearts

If you’re reading this, you have my permission to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It has become quite polarizing over the years as it has become an “Instagram post your relationship highlights reel” holiday. I can relate to feeling bitter envy rather than a box of chocolates after spending many Valentine’s Days alone. One time I had a boyfriend […]

This chic ‘No Pants Look’ is the Most Unexpected Winter Trend

It’s a story as old as time. One celebrity goes on errands wearing a unique outfit and gets into an unexpected encounter with the paparazzi. The viral photos of the company become an internet sensation, and fashion experts debate whether it will become a trend. A few Instagram influencers take a look and post it […]

These Slimming Skims Are $10 Less & They ‘Don’t Ride Up

STYLECASTER could earn an affiliate commission if you buy an independently reviewed product/service through a link on this website. Sometimes, you may want to wear something under dresses or formal wear that doesn’t fall entirely into the formalwear category. It still provides some security. Although I don’t want to cover my entire thigh area or pull it […]

Joe Burrow Fashion: The Most Trendy Ohioan Alive

Ohio is known for many incredible things. Skyline Chili (I will not listen to anyone criticizing this bolognese-adjacent delicacy), fields of six-foot-tall cement corn art (shoutout to my hometown), and Ohio State University’s football teams (you may have heard of THE Ohio State University). Another thing to know about the state you should not fly over is […]